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Site maintenance, installations, inspections and more

We are the only company of our type with in-house consultancy level, data driven predictive maintenance capability and engineering support – all fully supported by a team of expert engineers providing the critical link between technology diagnostics and what is actually happening on the ground. We offer full engineering support and advice for organisations new to this concept and for those looking to improve an existing set up.


Site Balancing and Laser Alignment

It can be more cost-effective to carry out balancing in-situ. It may also be more convenient, especially when it is difficult to remove fans or other rotary equipment from their locations. When installing motors, it is best practice to carry out laser alignment on site. Misalignment is a common cause of premature failure.

Equipment Installation and Shutdown Support

Shutdowns frequently cause problems for in-house maintenance teams, where work required exceeds resource capacity. Our engineers can assist across a range of functions, including the installation and removal of plant and equipment, brush checks, in-situ repairs, and commissioning of equipment. They can work as part of site teams or independently.

Site Electronic Diagnostics and Repair

Removing equipment such as control panels and inverters from site isn’t always easy. There are huge benefits from our engineers being able to view and test the whole system as opposed to an individual board or assembly. We also offer a range of preventive maintenance services to keep equipment in optimum condition.

“I have great communication with RJW via their rep. The work they do for us is great and over the past 18 months we’ve come a long way together.”

Engineering Manager
Leading Manufacturer of Roofing, Waterproofing and Insulation Products

Success Stories

11Sime Darby Oils

Sime Darby Oils achieve enhanced reliability with condition monitoring solution

Providing a state-of-the-art IoT CM platform to enhance reliability for the world's leading producers of certified sustainable palm oil.
11renewable energy

Renewable energy pioneers generating success

To develop the means of capturing and converting the ebb and flow of underwater tidal currents into electricity, RJW was tasked with creating a pioneering new turbine generator.