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Engineer-led, consultancy level predictive maintenance services

We are the only company of our type with in-house consultancy level, data driven predictive engineering maintenance capability – all fully supported by a team of expert engineers providing the critical link between technology diagnostics and what is actually happening on the ground. We offer full support and technical advice for organisations new to this concept and those looking to improve an existing set up.

11Engineering Maintenance

Cloud-based Maintenance

A comprehensive range of inspections and active management of equipment carried out by expert engineers. We cover a wide range of industrial equipment, with proven results from independent assessors. Our cloud-based portal facilitates ease of use and is fully configurable to suit the requirements of individual customers.

Lubrication Services

Poor lubrication accounts for up to 50% of all low voltage motor failures and is a key factor in plant reliability. Our engineers are qualified to external standards and can set up programmes from scratch or assist with existing programmes. They are also trained to carry out lubrication gap analysis and install and specify automated lubrication systems.

Condition-based Monitoring

Our consultancy level condition-based monitoring service can be tailored to suit the requirements of individual sites. We offer a range of predictive disciplines, from the basic visual inspections through to the sophisticated data driven solutions using the latest sensor technology combined with expert engineers on the ground. The key benefit is the ability to predict failure and reduce downtime.

Inverter Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive maintenance programme for inverters. This includes cleaning, inspecting, along with thermographic inspection to identify poor joints etc. We download parameters to assist in installation and resetting and conduct tests using an equivalent sized motor for the drive unit. Full support is available to correct identified faults.

“We value the uptime they give us, along with the specialist support. They never fail to deliver, and we can totally rely on them. They do the job and never let us down.”

Engineering Manager
Manufacturer of Corrugated Packaging

Success Stories

11Sime Darby Oils

Sime Darby Oils achieve enhanced reliability with condition monitoring solution

Providing a state-of-the-art IoT CM platform to enhance reliability for the world's leading producers of certified sustainable palm oil.
11renewable energy

Renewable energy pioneers generating success

To develop the means of capturing and converting the ebb and flow of underwater tidal currents into electricity, RJW was tasked with creating a pioneering new turbine generator.