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Wind Turbine Generators

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11Wind Turbine Generators

We have carried out repairs to wind turbine generators for over 15 years and in order to complement this activity we also offer in situ wind turbine inspection and repair services.

As a result we now have teams of electrically qualified personnel who have been trained on the wind industry approved NARC course for climbing wind turbines.

We carry out wind turbine generator inspections on wind turbines with two main objectives, firstly in a troubleshooting mode where there has been a fault discovered within a wind turbine generator and secondly on an inspection basis where we test generators for insurance and/or pre-warranty purposes.

The inspections normally take place in conjunction with a customer representative or designated subcontractor and are carried out in accordance with the site health and safety regulations.

Insulation failure is a major cause of generators failures within a wind turbine. We carry out a number of tests in order to determine the quality of the electrical insulation within the generator. The tests can also be used to form part of a benchmarking tool both for individual generators (measuring insulation resistance over time) and also for the windfarm in general to look for possible anomalies within the windfarm fleet. Vibration monitoring and analysis together with dynamic balancing and oil sampling and testing are also key indicators. If you require further information with regards to generator testing please do not hesitate to contact us.