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Contract Winding

11Contract Winding

Where electric motors or generators have special requirements due to performance criteria, size or environment that have not been designed for before, there is often a requirement to custom build electric motor and generator assemblies.

RJW has the skills and expertise to supply these units, working with customers through all phases from design through to production.

We have over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture of a wide range of specialised electric motor, pump and generator assemblies. Ranging from the stator winding in a batch or contract winding contract to the complete electric motor manufacture, the department has been developed to take on a range of tasks.

The department takes orders varying in numbers from single prototype manufacturing up to production runs of thousands of units per year.

The motor and generator assembly manufacturing department assist a range of industries, including wind, hybrid automotive and mining as well as specialised industrial motors.

At RJW, we have the complete electrical and mechanical facilities for electric motor and generator manufacture including stator and armature core bonding facilities, coil winding, machining of shafts and end shields, dynamic balancing of rotors and armatures as well as extensive winding facilities for armatures, stators and rotors.

In addition to the extensive facilities, we are also able to advise on wire and insulation systems, winding design and manufacturing improvements in making units simpler to produce.

As well as the manufacture of complete units, or of wound assemblies, we can provide comprehensive static and dynamic testing ensuring the highest possible quality of the final product.