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Prototype Manufacture

11prototype manufacture

Where motor or generators have special requirements due to performance criteria, size or environment that have not been designed for before, there is often a requirement to custom build electric motor and generators assemblies including electric motor prototype manufacture.

RJW has the capability to carry out electric motor prototype manufacture as well as small and medium production runs. In addition to electric motors, other wound components and assemblies can also be produced, such as generators, pumps and hybrid assemblies.

We have a wide range of coil winding machines together with skilled winders to handle a wide variety of wound prototypes varying from stators of varying applications to armatures and rotors. In addition to the extensive machining and balancing as well as core bonding facilities we are able to produce the complete unit in house enabling us to guarantee quality, delivery and cost.

In addition to the production of prototype electric motors and other electrical equipment, our broad range of experience and supplier network means we are also able to assist in advising on insulation systems and wire selection enabling customers to optimise their designs.