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Thermographic Analysis

11Thermographic Analysis

Predictive thermographic analysis is a critical tool in identifying machines that may be running in an alarm status that could lead to the failure of a unit.

RJW specialises in various forms of predictive maintenance including our thermal imaging services where a thermographic analysis is carried out on plant and equipment on site – it is an unobtrusive method of inspection that may prevent future breakdown situations occurring.

A thermal imaging survey is an extremely cost-effective form of inspection, if only one fault is found and rectified as a result of a visit, the costs can be paid back many times in savings from a potential breakdown.

Our thermal imaging services involve a heat sensitive camera to measure the surface temperature of a component and compare it against the surrounding area. This form of inspection can be used to identify both mechanical and electrical faults caused by an increase in heat due to friction or increased resistance and can be used on a wide range of applications including switchgear, motors, ovens and also to measure process control.

Due to faults occurring less quickly than with vibration problems, we typically recommend that thermal imaging surveys are carried out either once or twice per year.

We are able to offer full support in the rectification of any problems the thermal imaging services team raise using the wide range of support services available both on site and within our workshops in order to solve any problem and enable the smooth running of the plant.