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Servo Motor Repairs

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Servo motors are used in a wide range of applications, including CNC machines as well as robotics and a wide range of other industrial automation requirements where accurate control is required. The construction of these units, with permanent magnet elements as well as intricate feedback devices means that servo motor repair demands are very different to those for standard AC motors.

At RJW, we have over 25 years’ experience in servo motor repair, making us one of the leading servo motor repairers in the UK. We have the personnel, skills, equipment and experience in covering all aspects of the repair providing a fast and effective solution taking the repair from initial inspection through to final testing. We repair all major makes and models of servo motors making us a one-stop shop for servo motor repair.

Comprehensive servo motor repair coverage

The RJW servo motor repair department covers the repair of AC and DC brushless, digital and other types of servo motors in addition to the older pancake disc style motors and stepper units together with the wide variety of feedback devices currently on offer today. Located within our electronics department, servo motor repairs are carried out in a dedicated, clean environment and are fully supported by our electronics repair engineers providing test and repair assistance on encoders, resolvers, hall effect and other feedback devices in addition to servo drives themselves.

Full support for feedback devices

With any servo motor repair, the recording and resetting of feedback devices is critical to ensure the motor works fully according to it’s specification when returned to use. At RJW we have a range of jigs and measuring devices to ensure the resolvers, encoders or other feedback mechanism are correctly detailed when dismantled and later aligned correctly during the assembly of the motor.