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High Frequency Repairs

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11High Frequency Repairs

The RJW High Frequency Division has a portfolio of products and services dealing with a range of plant and machinery operating above the standard electrical frequency (i.e. 50Hz).

We supply, repair and support a range of equipment including grinders, motors and frequency changers.

This department carries out repairs to all makes of high frequency tooling, including Bosch, Fein, Rava, Darg and CP. With one of the best equipped high frequency grinder repair workshops in the country including stator VPI facilities as well as a dedicated HARM test rig, we provide the best possible quality levels giving our customers the service and reliability they need.

All aspects of our high frequency grinder repairs are carried out in house enabling us to guarantee quality, delivery and cost.

Large stocks of spare parts are held as well as pre-wound stators, enabling us to offer very rapid repair times, including emergency service facilities (within 48 hours) if required.

Fully detailed quotations are issued in all cases detailing the proposed work to be carried out to the grinder or other equipment and the cost involved.

Vibration testing of HF grinders

In addition to our high frequency grinder repair services, we offer a comprehensive vibration testing and rectification service applicable to all portable hand tools, whether high frequency, compressed air, or 110v / 240v types.

All tools repaired in our works automatically have their rotors dynamically balanced to ensure smoother running. We are probably the only high frequency grinder repairer in the UK to offer this service as standard. On-site vibration surveys are easily arranged.

Testing to BS EN 8662-4 (Power Tools) is also available.