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Site Electronic Diagnostics and Repair

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11Electronic Diagnostic

With over 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of motor control panels, RJW are ideally suited to assist customers with control panel repairs and other electronic diagnostic requirements.

RJW also offer our electronics repair services to site applications as well as at the test bench within our electronics workshops.  This can either be in response to a breakdown situation or as ongoing preventive maintenance.

We can repair, test and inspect a wide range of equipment on site, including inverters, DC drives, power supplies, AVRs and other control and automation equipment as well as motor control panel repairs.

As opposed to removing the unit from its location, we can attend site to carry out testing in situ and diagnose the fault saving time and cost.  This can be particularly useful in fixed units such as motor control panels where identifying and disconnecting components can be timely and expensive.

As with all RJW electronic diagnostic services, our electronics staff are available 24/7/365.

In addition to repairs, we are also able to offer preventive maintenance services including panel cleaning, filter changes and thermographic inspections enabling customers to keep their plant in the best possible condition, thus minimising any problems within the panels that could lead to potential downtime situations.