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Electric Motor Repairs

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11Electric Motor Repairs

We have one of the best equipped electric motor repair workshops in the country and probably the best in the North West, we have all the necessary facilities to provide a complete repair service for all types of electric motor in use today.

The facilities are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing full back up during critical breakdowns, with all motor repair staff time-served in their particular skill area. Our tradesmen together have hundreds of years’ experience in electric motor repair, ensuring there is rarely a situation of problem we haven’t solved before.

With automated winding machines and specialist baking and burn off ovens we can considerably reduce the time taken to repair motors and thus reduce downtime and cost, while improving the quality of the repair. All repairs are carried out in accordance with the AEMT and EASA best practice methods including those for electric motor repairs maintaining motor efficiency.

We have test facilities to inspect every aspect of the motor both in terms of individual components and as a complete unit. With large core loss and surge test facilities to test the core packs and windings respectively, together with dynamic and load test facilities we are able to offer a complete in-house repair or replacement service.

Our workshop team and facilities are also supported by comprehensive bearing and wire stocks, therefore avoiding delays caused by late deliveries of raw materials enabling the full 24/7/365 service to be fully supported.

In summary the combination of multi-skilled, experienced staff, 247/365 availability and modern, well-equipped workshops mean we are able to deliver  rapid, quality repairs to get you running again