Transformer Repair

Facilities, skills and expertise to carry out transformer repair.

With decades of experience in transformer repair and manufacture, RJW has the facilities, skills and expertise to carry out transformer repairs ranging from less than 1 kVA up to 750kVA. We currently repair transformers ranging from small control panel units through to flameproof power transformers offering a 24 hour service where required.

We also have a great deal of experience within industrial single phase and three phase transformer repair as well auto transformers, high voltage print drying units, water cooled spot welding transformers, inductors and DC power supplies.

In order to reduce our lead times on transformer repairs, particularly on emergency service work, our transformer repair department maintains good stocks of standard laminations, frames, wire and bobbins. We also have facilities to supply non standard items such as custom cut core on non standard units.

Our workshops are equipped with a wide variety of winding machines to accommodate the various types of transformer repair we carry out, as well as optimise the delivery time offered.

All transformers are fully tested at rated voltage and load testing / heat runs can be performed where requested. Full test certificates detailing temperature rise and reactance are available.

Enclosure repair and replacement options are also provided as part of the transformer repair service.

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