Spiral Welding Specialists

Spiral welding facilities suitable for shaft repairs up to 1600mm.

When a shaft is worn it is often expensive or unpractical to replace it. The best possible shaft repair technique is required in order to provide a reliable, hard wearing solution. By using spiral welding processes we are able to weld on to the parent metal giving a quick, reliable and high quality repair.

Our state of the art purpose built spiral welding facilities are suitable for shaft repairs from 25mm up to 1600mm in diameter and up to 6m long. The unit is multi-process enabling open arc, submerged arc and gas shielded welding to take place. The process is digitally controlled and is fully programmable ensuring accuracy and repeatability. Workpiece manipulation is synchronised with the movement of the weld head giving a precise and consistent application of material ensuring the best possible quality of job.

With approvals from Shell and DNV for a range of carbon and stainless steels and the ability to use materials such as Hastalloys and Incanols, the spiral welding process used in shaft repairs not only allows for the rebuilding of a component but can also improve the basic properties and enhance its life and performance. Spiral welding as part of a shaft repair process is also quicker than remanufacturing a new component so reducing downtime.

All components and materials are fully treated and inspected with the required heat treatment and non destructive testing before and after the spiral welding shaft repair process to ensure the surface is free from porosity and underlying defects once finish machined.

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