Reconditioned Balancing Machines

Attaining the correct balancing tolerance on any rotating equipment is vital in ensuring a good quality, long lasting repair.

At RJW we supply a range of reconditioned, previously used balancing machines aimed at a wide variety of maintenance workshops and companies offering third party repair and maintenance services to rotating equipment.

Our reconditioned balancing machines offer a cost effective solution (the used balancing machines are approximately half the cost of new units) to enable maintenance workshops achieve the relevant standard according to ISO1940. All machines have been thoroughly overhauled, with new bearings fitted, new drive motors supplied and most importantly, a new computerised electronic head unit to carry out the balance calculations. The retrofitted head improves the previous accuracy of the machine and makes the machine easy to use for first time users and experienced balancing technicians alike.

Full training and telephone support is offered with any machine ensuring the users can operate the machine as soon as the machine is delivered and commissioned.

RJW have over 40 years experience in the dynamic balancing field. We have used this experience when supplying balancing machines to ensure that they are both accurate for the work they will be carrying out as well as easy to use for the operators using them.

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