Pump Maintenance Services

A series of regular detailed inspections with best practice repair facilities.

RJW can dramatically improve customers’ pump reliability and running issues when carrying out one of it’s pump maintenance programs combining a series of regular detailed inspections with best practice repair facilities to carry out rework when it is necessary.

At RJW we have over 40 years experience in pump maintenance sector and provide the complete in-house solution, providing both the on site maintenance and inspection activities and the first class workshop repair facilities for the wide variety of industrial and commercial pumps in use today. This enables us to guarantee levels of quality and service at a competitive, cost effective price.

We carry out pump maintenance activities at a wide range of industries including food manufacturing, power stations, chemical and petrochemical processing as well as facilities management and waste and recycling plants.

Pump types covered

Our pump maintenance services cover a wide range of pump types including, but not limited to:

  • Axial flow pumps
  • Multi stage pumps
  • Booster sets
  • Self priming pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • In-line circulating pumps

Sample manufacturers include:

  • ABS
  • Grundfos
  • Calpeda
  • Wilo
  • Ebara
  • Mono
  • Flygt
  • TT Pumps
  • KSB
  • SPP
  • Lowara

On site Pump Maintenance Services

RJW offer a range of services in situ to provide year round reliability of pump assets with each activity designed around our customers’ own particular requirements. Our site personnel are fully trained to work on site and have attended safety passport schemes as well as confined spaces and working at heights courses. Our pump maintenance activities are detailed as follows:

Predictive maintenance

We have a range of techniques available including vibration analysis (monitoring the condition of the bearings as well as the overall balance of the pump itself) as well as thermography where we can detect hotspots, both in the pump and its connections as well as the pump control equipment where present. We are able to assess the condition of pumps in use and carry out repair work where necessary.

Preventive maintenance

Here we assess each individual component including impellor, volute, terminal boxes to ensure the components are in a serviceable condition. By carrying out detailed inspections of all accessible pump components while the pump is in situ, we can save time and costs by only removing the item for maintenance when it is required and carry out a repair on site if possible.

We provide a full reporting structure to provide feedback on the condition of the pumps following inspection and by providing a comprehensive pump repair service, can provide a one stop shop for all aspects of pump maintenance.

In-house repair facilities

The depth of our in-house facilities are unrivalled, providing specialist attention in each aspect of pump repair:

Pump testing

With a range of pipe diameters up to 8” complete with flow meters and pressure gauges, flow tests are carried out following any repair using our automated test rig to give a test report complete with data points and a Qh curve. In addition to the flow testing facilities we also have a 4m pit for the testing of submersible pumps following repair.

Fitting facilities

We have extensive fitting facilities for pump repair, with lifting capabilities up to 10T and a range of presses (enabling the removal of impellors, couplings and bearings) up to 300T.

Mechanical repair

We have full machining and shaft repair facilities to cover all the mechanical aspects of the pump repair with turning facilities up to 6m and our milling and spiral welding facilities up to 5m long.

Motor repair

Having started as an electric motor repair company we have all the requisite plant and equipment to support any motor aspect of a pump repair ensuring the highest possible level of quality of repair guaranteeing reliability for the user on site.

Impeller and rotor balancing

Our balancing department complete with balancing facilities up to 10T, ensure that all impellors are check balanced prior to assembly to prolong the serviceable life of the pump.

Seal refurbishment

In addition to our stocks of new seals, we have seal lapping facilities within our pump repair department in order provide the quickest possible repair and reduce the dependence on others.

By carrying out the complete pump repair in-house we are able guarantee the quality, delivery and cost to meet your requirements.

24 hour availability

Our pump maintenance programs offer 24 hour a day availability, both within our workshops and on site we are able to reduce potential downtime to a minimum. This, combined with comprehensive parts stocks and links with all types of parts suppliers means that we can return the pumps quickly and efficiently whilst keeping customers up to date with the progress at any time.

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