Pulley & Coupling Removal Equipment

We manufacture a range of presses designed for maintenance departments where pulley removal is required.

A consistent problem for maintenance workshops is to find a simple and effective way to remove pulleys or couplings from a motor or drive shaft without causing damage to the components.

RJW manufacture a range of presses designed for maintenance departments which have a need to dismantle large rotating machinery where pulley removal is required, from the standard 50T press used in motor repair workshops to the largest 500T press for shipping and paper type applications. The RJW 500TE press can apply forces up to 500T and can deal with components with diameters up to 8ft (2.44m).

The smaller 50T unit is mobile and where required can be moved to the job, meaning components can be removed in situ where required.

All presses are easy to operate, in many applications only requiring one man to carry out the coupling, gear or pulley removal process. They offer a fast and effective answer to the problem of removing components from large shafts, enabling customers to remove couplings and other items in minutes that would take hours by other methods.

The presses can be manufactured with 50, 100, 300 and 500T rams to suit customer requirements and workloads.

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