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Energy bill reduction for premium plastics processor

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Project background

Extruders are commonly used in rubber and plastic product manufacturing as well as in food processing industries. Historically, plastics manufacturers have used DC motors to power extruders, while some turned to larger traditional AC induction motors. With today’s focus on bottom-line results, manufacturers are increasingly looking to reduce high energy costs, increase output capacity and improve reliability.

11energy bill


A premium plastics processor approached RJW Electronics Service Department to provide a solution that significantly reduced extruder running costs, improved process control, reduced maintenance costs, with minimum disruption to production during the conversion and a high ROI. A great number of extruders with old inefficient motors, regulated in old-fashioned ways, are in operation. They may advantageously be replaced by new energy-saving solutions. By changing to a new and modern motor technology, the extruders of the plastics industry will also achieve a very wide speed range with full torque available. This additionally guarantees good starting conditions. 


RJW offered a variable speed solution to address these concerns using Leroy-Somer DYNEO® LSRPM high efficiency permanent magnet motors and Control Techniques Unidrive M variable frequency drives (VFDs). For current AC drive users, the RJW solution provides added energy efficiency and output optimization. For DC drive users, the solution can provide the same results by replacing existing DC motors without having to change the extruder system configuration. This upgrade and improved energy efficiency is a very good example of the large energy bill savings that the plastics industry can realise when modernising its motor installations for plastics extruders.

Project Stats
Annual saving per 45kW motor
0 Yrs
20 Year ROI

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