Motor Management

Asset management and plant maintenance solutions.

By carrying out a motor management program or plant asset management initiative covering all their rotating equipment, our customers are able to take a proactive approach to motor maintenance covering not only repair issues but also areas such as motor stocking, predictive maintenance, replacement policy and energy saving.

The programs cover not only electric motors, but also the ancillary equipment directly coupled to motors such as pumps, gearboxes, fans and other rotating equipment. Benefits from carrying out a motor management program include improved reliability, reduced costs, reduced and more accurate motor stocks and lower energy costs.

Motor management as a form of plant asset management has a number of different meanings with various companies offering different services, however we define motor management to be as follows:

“… a management and repair service provided to increase the reliability and control of motor performance using best practice maintenance and repair techniques.”

By carrying out a motor management service, we are able to provide that specialist attention to the motor section of the maintenance stores, by ensuring that the motors are serviceable and correctly stored, ready for use 24 hours per day. By using a computer database, we are able to keep customers up to date on all motors, not only in operation, but also those in storage and repair.

We aim to take a proactive approach to motor maintenance by taking a variety of steps to prevent unexpected failures enabling a greater reliability within the motor stock.

By increasing the reliability of the motors used in a plant asset management program, we are able to reduce the downtime due to the reduction of motors requiring repair and also the severity of the repair, therefore helping the customer increase their productivity by reducing the number of unpredicted failures, with the aim of zero breakdowns.

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