Machining Facilities

We can handle machining work both quickly and accurately.

Originally set up as a department to deal with the machining work required in motor repairs such as the fitting of new shafts and the bushing of endshields, the mechanical department machining facilities are now far more than that.

With a wide range of milling, turning and boring machines available, all with digital axis readouts, the mechanical department can handle a great variety of machining work both quickly and accurately saving on downtime and cost.

With lifting facilities up to 10T, together with a number of machines with large capacities – our biggest lathe is over 6 metres long and the biggest milling machine has a 5 metre bed, we are able to work on items large and small.

An up to date capacity list of the milling, boring and turning capabilities together with the other machining facilities can be found using the link below.

Like our electrical facilities, the workshops’ skilled and experienced staff provide 24 hour per day, 7 days a week availability for all our machining facilities.

In addition to machining work, the mechanical department also carries out a range of shaft refurbishment techniques including spiral welding (see also accompanying page), metal spraying and selective plating enabling us to offer repair facilities as well as manufacturing new.

Our extensive machining facilities, available 24 hours a day – together with our best practice approach to quality offer the best possible combination of quality, service and price for the wide variety of machining work required by industry today.

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