Leroy Somer Generator Repairs

As part of our close working relationship with Emerson Automation covering work on Leroy Somer motors and Control Techniques inverters, RJW also has approved status for Leroy Somer generator repairs covering the range of units from those used in wind turbines to the alternators used in Diesel engine systems.

RJW can offer full support to users of Leroy Somer generators including site inspections and maintenance as well as repairs in our workshops. When on site, as part of the inspection we provide full static tests to the windings covering surge tests, PI testing and high potential tests in addition to inspecting control panels related to the generator and other auxiliary components including cooling fans and pumps.

With extensive electrical repair facilities from the latest coil winding machines to extensive testing capability, RJW is ideally suited to providing the best quality repair ensuring your generators return within in the required delivery time and on budget. We have the best possible facilities for the electrical repair of alternators of any type.

Our workshops, having passed an audit by the Leroy Somer generator repair team has extensive mechanical as well as electrical facilities to carry out a full warranted repair, from standard overhauls as part of a preventive maintenance routine, to full rewinds of the stator and/or rotor. All generator winding repairs are fully documented, recording the condition of the core in the form of core loss testing and thermographic analysis as well as fully detailing the windings. All Leroy Somer generator repairs are rewound in accordance with the manufacturers details to ensure conformity when returned to site. Following assembly all Leroy Somer generator repairs are fully tested, under load where possible to ensure conformance when returned to site.

Our unparalleled machine shop facilities coupled with the electrical repair side means that any mechanical aspects of the job such as shaft refurbishment, bearing housing repairs etc, no matter how big or small can be incorporated into the repair plan without any real increase in the delivery time.

A further addition to our in-house generator repair capability is the electronic repair facility with all the necessary experience, training and equipment to carry out inspections to AVRs and other control equipment found within the generator and alternator repair requirements. All repair carried out to generators where electronics are fitted will include a complete check to electronic aspects of the job to ensure all components are in working order when the generator returns to site.

With 24 hour working across all departments, the complete engineering solution can be offered meeting any quality, delivery and cost requirements you may have.

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