Industrial Electronics Repairs

24 hour a day availability, both in our workspace and on site.

Operating from our purpose built servo motor and electronics repair workshops in Liverpool, RJW provides fast, reliable and cost effective solutions for all types of industrial electronics repair.

Our experience in industrial electronics repair

We have over 20 years experience in the repair of electronics equipment and in that time have developed the skills, knowledge and extensive range of test and repair equipment to carry out a fast, reliable and effective repair.

Available 24 hours a day

With 24 hour a day availability, both within our workshops and on site, we aim to combine the best in quality of repair with a service that is second to none enabling our customers to minimise any equipment downtime and avoid the large costs that downtime can bring.

The equipment we repair

We provide specialist industrial electronic repair services for a wide range of electronic equipment from all the original equipment suppliers in use today including but not limited to the following:

  • Inverters
  • DC drives
  • Power supplies
  • Monitors and HMIs
  • AC & DC servo drives
  • PLCs
  • Soft starts
  • Spindle drives
  • I/O cards
  • Temperature controllers
  • Process control equipment

All equipment, is booked in and recorded according to our ISO900 approved electronics repair procedures, and inspected down to board component level examining component performance against its standard. In addition to component inspection, connections, tracks and dry joints are also inspected and repaired where necessary. Components that are known to degrade over time and that area showing signs of fatigue (for example, electrolytic capacitors) are also replaced in order to maximise the life of the repair. When replacing components during the repair, RJW enforces a strict like-for-like replacement policy where possible ensuring that the integrity and performance of the repaired unit is not compromised.

Testing during the electronics repair process

At RJW, the highest priority possible is placed on load testing of all jobs following any electronics repair procedure. All inverters are tested with an appropriately sized motor to ensure conformance, as are DC drives (with DC motors) and other motor related control equipment. For other equipment types, we have numerous test rigs covering the specialist repair of such equipment as PLC cards enabling us to simulate the use of the component on site to ensure the unit is working fully prior to despatch. Where non standard equipment is repaired, where we have no jigs or test beds, everything possible is done to power the boards and identify the unit is working as it should be.

With a wide range of test equipment from computer based automated test equipment for in-circuit testing of devices, down to oscilloscopes, function generators and power sources, our highly trained and experienced technicians are able to carry out the work quickly and to the highest quality.

Arranging a repair

Our electronics repair service operates nationally and, as for all our services, one call to our workshops is enough to arrange collection (usually the same day), for us to inspect the equipment and for us to provide a fixed price quotation for repair.

Our standard quotation time is within two working days (faster if the repair is required on an urgent basis), all quotes are on a no obligation basis and are designed to detail what we are going to do to bring the drive, board or other component to it’s original specification.

All electronics repair jobs come with a 12 month warranty from the date of delivery.

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