High Frequency Repairs

Specialists in frequencies higher than the standard 50hz supply.

The High Frequency department specialises in frequencies higher than the standard 50Hz supply. The department has over 40 years experience dealing in the repair and sale of high frequency grinders, motors and rotary frequency changers operating up to 300Hz.

As well as all the standard repair and test equipment for standard 50Hz work, this department has a range of frequency changers supplying varying frequencies to allow testing in similar conditions to normal use. Portable appliance and Harm tests are also carried out on all grinder repairs.

As well as the repair of grinders RJW are also approved distributors for Robert Bosch and Rava grinders as well as having accounts with approved UK distributors for all other major grinder manufacturers. As part of the grinder repair services RJW can offer spare parts and reconditioned stators on a service exchange basis for end users or other tool repair companies.

High frequency motors used in industries such as woodworking are also a common feature within this department. Motors from manufacturers such as Perske, Wadkin and Homage are repaired and tested at their rated frequency.

Rotary frequency changers commonly used within the fettling industry are repaired, in addition to this we also hold ranges of reconditioned units for a variety of frequency combinations. RJW are approved distributors for the EME rotary frequency changer.

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