Energy Saving Motors

We are able to provide the complete service, from the identification of opportunities, the calculation of paybacks, the supply of the correct, most suitable motor and the installation and commissioning.

It is a little known fact that an electric motor uses up to 100 times its purchase cost in electricity during it’s working life. Also, between 50-70% of the electricity used in industry is used to power motors. It is therefore easy to see why (under the right usage conditions) there are numerous situations on any site where the replacement of a motor for a high efficiency alternative (IE3 and IE4 rated motors) can pay considerable dividends giving payback periods well within acceptable financial criteria. With the overall trend in the future of rising energy costs, the benefits of high efficiency motors are only likely to increase.

As well as saving costs due to reduced energy usage, the lower losses within high efficiency motors mean that motors run cooler giving a better tolerance to thermal stresses and improving reliability leading in turn to reduced downtime.

Energy saving with High Efficiency Motors

At RJW, we are able to provide the complete service, from the identification of opportunities, the calculation of paybacks, the supply of the correct, most suitable motor (type and manufacturer) and the installation and commissioning:

Identification of opportunities – by carrying out a plant survey and analysing where the greatest savings can be made, (based mainly on the motor size, usage and motor function) we are able to detail the best options for replacement.

Calculation of paybacks – by analysing the existing motor usage and efficiency characteristics and comparing it with the costs of running an alternative high efficiency motor, we are able to provide accurate payback calculations from which to make an informed decision.

Supplying the correct motor – as the approved distributor for a number of high efficiency motor manufacturers, we are able to match our customers requirements to the appropriate manufacturer and type of motor, whether the principal factors are cost, rating or build.

Installation and commissioning – we offer full installation and commissioning services, including but not limited to setting the motor up to an inverter, laser alignment or machining a new bedplate.

IE3 Motors

At RJW we stock a range of manufacturers’ IE3 premium efficiency motors from Emerson, Brook Crompton, Teco Westinghouse and Tec, with each brand offering a range of benefits to our customers.

IE4 Motors

We are currently one of the few distributors who can offer IE4 motors as a standard product. As the only approved Emerson Industrial Automation Service Partner for the UK, we provide the Dyneo motor from Leroy Somer. The Dyneo motor is already extensively used in a range of applications, particularly with compressors, but also in pumping, ventilation, conveyors, extrusion and process control.
The Dyneo motors have a patented radial magnetic rotor technology that reduces the losses throughout the motor speed range, making it more effective than standard high efficiency motors in saving energy and costs at the lower speeds used in variable speed applications.

The Dyneo is also designed to run faster than typical induction motors, meaning that it’s speed can be more easily adapted to that of the driven machine thus reducing the need for transmission devices and further increasing the efficiency of the overall machine.

DC to AC conversions

Whilst DC motors have a number of important characteristics making them critical in some applications, the advancement of AC motor and inverter packages often mean the torque and other DC motor characteristics can be matched enabling the benefits of better efficiency and reduced maintenance to a wide range of DC applications.

At RJW, with the assistance of our motor partners, we can assess the DC application and provide sizeable savings where a DC motor can be replaced by an AC motor and inverter package.

As with standard motors, RJW can provide the complete service including the manufacture and installation of the motor control panel.

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