Electric Vehicle Motor Repair

Skill and expertise to design, manufacture and repair.

Within our batch winding department, a separately operated and managed unit to the department dealing with electric motor repairs, we have the skills, equipment and expertise to assist in the design, manufacture and repair of a wide variety of special, non standard motors including electric vehicle motors.

Dealing with a number of research companies and universities, RJW has valuable experience and the automated equipment to manufacture prototypes assisting in the design process. We are able to combine our extensive range of motor manufacturing plant and equipment, prior experience of motor manufacture and the ability to work with low batch numbers to suit the requirements of manufacturing prototypes.

As a manufacturer of a number of ranges of small, specialist motors we are ideally suited to the manufacture of electric car motors. This experience together automated equipment for all aspects of electric motor repairs and manufacture we are uniquely positioned to repair the wide variety of electric motors.

In addition to assisting with the design, and later manufacture of prototypes, we have the facilities to manufacture typical electric vehicle motors in batches of up to 100 per week.

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