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11xyz milling machine
Our Mechanical department has recently installed an XYZ 3 axis CNC milling machine complete with Protrack control. This installation satisfies an in-house need for this type of machine and extends our service offering. In addition to using the machine’s CNC capability to carry out machining on multiple jobs, we are finding it very useful in...
11Schaeffler UK Service Partner
We are proud to announce that RJW has been selected as a Service Partner for Schaeffler UK, working in particular with the Schaeffler Optime product, a vibration sensor that allows remote monitoring through a gateway into our own cloud-based platform.  The use of sensor technology means that readings can be taken several times per day,...
11transformer manufacturing
We are pleased to announce the completed purchase of a transformer manufacturing department, following the retirement of its owner.   The company makes a range of transformer products, specialising in bespoke transformers for the control panel building sector. We are incorporating the new department into our existing transformer manufacturing and repair facilities and believe it...
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