AssetCare & CBM

AssetCare is an integrated solution from RJW Engineering, giving control over every aspect of your asset management and traceability, repair services, maintenance workflow and documentation.

Take an on-line tour of RJW’s AssetCare platform which represents RJW’s latest Reliability and Asset Management offering.

For your consideration please see below an outline of the services available and the advantages and benefits of partnering with RJW to manage your rotating assets.

Typical benefits are:

  • 70% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 30% increase in asset life
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption


  • Carry out vibration monitoring and analysis on all critical/nominated rotating equipment.
  • All data and reports will be visible via RJW’s bespoke AssetCare cloud-based asset management platform.
  • Wireless monitoring of high-criticality or remote assets – increased frequency of vibration monitoring facilitating more accurate predictive analysis.
  • Reliability Technicians – qualified engineers with a minimum of VA1 and IR1 certification.
  • IR surveys carried out monthly by area.
  • In-situ dynamic balancing and laser alignment carried out by RJW Reliability Technicians.
  • A 24-hour call out rota can be implemented supported by RJW workshop-based Reliability Team.
  • Monthly review meeting with RJW personnel.
  • Comprehensive reporting throughout the process including component failure reports on repairs carried out by RJW.

Additional services are available, including:

  • Ultrasound leak surveys.
  • Motion Amplification analysis of systems.
  • Active Lubrication Programme.
  • Oil Condition and Wear Debris Analysis.

RJW offer a complete end-to-end solution for the care and management of rotating equipment with all processes executed and controlled in-house at each of their seven workshops in the North West. The configurable process includes:

  • State of the art monitoring of assets and detection of ‘at risk’ plant and equipment.
  • Comprehensive reporting to validate potential failure mode.
  • Guaranteed response times and genuine 24/7 coverage of mechanical, electrical and electronic services.
  • Removal of failed/failing equipment by RJW engineers.
  • Refurbishment/repair/replacement at local workshops – full 24/7 working.
  • Dynamic balancing and laser alignment.
  • Certified electrical testing under load.
  • Computerised load testing of pumps.
  • Full testing and reporting at all stages – available via AssetCare platform.
  • Re-installation by RJW engineers – attracting an enhanced warranty period over repair only.
  • Full commissioning and optimisation including motion amplification, on-site balancing and laser alignment as appropriate.

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated contract
  • Repairs, improvements and remedial work quoted and charged as incurred.
  • Data analysis and reports to include agreed KPIs, cost analysis, response times, turnaround times, OTIF delivery performance, continuous improvement methodology to further reduce unplanned downtime and extend effective asset life.
  • Engineering support available 24 hours per day 365 days a year across electrical, electronic and mechanical services supported by 7 workshops across 3 North West UK locations and 80 + engineers.
  • Condition monitoring, utilising the latest technology in thermographic imaging, vibration analysis, ultrasonic leak detection, lubrication debris analysis and motion amplification videography including risk to production
  • AssetCare – an integrated solution from RJW – is the leading system for managing and reporting on all aspects of machinery health.  With all the benefits of reliability engineering, such as minimised downtime, reduced operating costs, increased process stability, optimised onsite stock levels and enhanced employee safety, AssetCare makes your production plant more economical, more efficient and more effective.

Our system provides a complete audit history enabling full traceability as assets are introduced, removed or reassigned.  It ensures that appropriate spares are held in stock, has the ability to reconcile production equipment with stores locations and quickly locate replacements in the event of failure, thus leading to a significant reduction in downtime and increased productivity.  It also displays the results of all predictive maintenance, giving an overview of vibration, thermography, motion amplification, oil analysis, etc. and providing full detail appropriate to type, allows you to view and report performance by date range or plant area, and to identify failures by component type and/or root cause analysis. Having this information available at your fingertips ensures that you can quickly identify potential problems/fault trends and subsequently resolve without interrupting workflow.

Additionally, AssetCare is fully integrated with RJW’s ERP system allowing the seamless search of assets, maintenance logs and quotations including detailed reports, test certificates, documentation and photographs. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in industry, AssetCare provides the perfect solution for companies intent on optimising productivity, performance and profit.

  • Guaranteed response times.
  • Full end-to-end service from detection to removal, repair and installation and re-commissioning. Fully documented throughout with root cause analysis, corrective actions and improvement recommendations.
  • Service reports and test certificates for every repair inclusive of photographs, fault pattern and root cause analysis identifying problematic areas supported by corrective action/improvement plans.

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