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Technical Case Study: Monitoring Fan Bearings for Vibration to Schedule Maintenance

RJW Intelligent Engineering Solutions > Technical > Technical Case Study: Monitoring Fan Bearings for Vibration to Schedule Maintenance
11Monitoring Fan Bearings

Our Reliability Team keep a close eye on systems across all of our customers, and one of the strengths of our system is that it gives us chance to share knowledge across systems and teams. As part of this, we circulate anonymous case studies within our team, highlighting important or interesting details and learning opportunities. We are happy to share these (completely anonymised) technical case studies with our customers as well, because we think that there are findings that will interest engineers across our industry. This reliability case study on remote monitoring of fan bearings was completed by Tom Sutton, Senior Reliability Engineer in March 2022, and describes how high vibration levels for the velocity domain on fan bearings at a UK Bulk Material Handling Company.

This asset was in use 24/7, so RJW engineers monitored the trends until it was decided that the work needed to be completed at the next opportunity. Should the fan have failed during operations, the plant would have stopped unloading ships and halted feeding three local customers. Stoppages when unloading a ship can incur demurrage fines from the shipping company, stopping the feed to the local customers can also have impacts to their operations and the further supply chain. By balancing this fan at a time that was convenient for all parties involved any downtime or possible fines were avoided.

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