Site Balancing & Laser Alignment

The alignment and balance of rotating equipment is critical for the smooth and reliable running and to maximise the serviceable life of the unit.

At RJW we offer both laser alignment and on site balancing services in order assist customers in prolonging the time between maintenance and minimising potential breakdowns.

Site balancing

It is often time consuming and expensive to remove fans and other plant from site when there is found to be vibration issues due to out of balance. With over 40 years experience in both on site balancing and in the workshop, RJW have all the necessary skills, personnel and equipment to carry out the site balancing process quickly and efficiently.

With a range of site balancing sets we can balance a range of equipment including fans, pumps and rollers.

Like all activites within RJW, our site balancing and laser alignment services are available on a 24hours a day, 7 days a week basis to allow for any shutdown or installation requirements our customers may have.

Laser alignment

The correct alignment is crucial to the smooth running of rotating equipment, with a number of laser alignment sets for various applications and trained personnel, RJW is well suited to cover a variety of laser alignment services. Whether part of an installation or just a check alignment we can ensure the motor or pump unit is aligned as accurately as possible and also check the base for mounting issues such as soft foot and other problems.

Laser alignment is a quicker process than other alignment methods and can lead to greater plant reliability, higher efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdown.

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