Established 1946…

  • 1946: ‘Rewinds’ founded by J I Windsor
  • 1950’s: Core business was ship repairs (Also started to repair electric motors)
  • 1960’s: refocused from shipping to land-based industrial repairs
  • 1968: Wallasey works built (now houses largest contract balancing facility in NW England)
  • 1988: First engineering company of its type to achieve ISO 9002
  • 1989: RJW starts to repair servo motors within the electrical workshops.
  • 1991: The Permanent Magnet workshop is opened specialising in servo motor and electronics repair.
  • 1999: acquired C H Rewinds & George Platt Ltd (Brings no of employees to 150)
  • 2005: George Platt is moved from its premises in Edgworth to the CH Rewinds premises in Worsley.
  • 2005: RJW repair our first wind turbine generator.
  • 2006: RJW attend our first BWEA (now Renewables UK) exhibition.
  • 2010: CH Rewinds and George Platt renamed RJW Engineering.
  • 2011: RJW opens its first online motor shop selling motors and inverters