Energy Saving Services

Did you know?

  • That two thirds of the electricity used in industry is used to power electric motors?
  • That a motor uses 100 times its purchase cost in electricity in its lifetime?
  • That if you use a drive to control a 37kW motor you could reasonably expect to save £2000 in electricity costs per year?
  • The payback if you replace standard motors with an energy efficient motors can be within 2 years?

At RJW, by replacing your motors with energy efficient motors or by using inverters as a means of controlling energy usage on site, we can create significant savings helping you reduce costs and your carbon footprint at the same time!  And because RJW can manage the whole process from start to finish it needs very little effort on your behalf.

By carrying out one of our electrical energy saving audits we can start the whole process for you.  RJW’s service includes the following:

  • FREE electrical energy saving audit to investigate where the greatest savings can be made.
  • FREE payback calculations to see how quickly you investment will return your costs – we won’t recommend anything that doesn’t pay back within two years.
  • FREE advice on loans and grants from the Carbon Trust and NWDA – including assistance in completing the necessary paperwork.
  • Hire of drives and data loggers to compare the actual savings against the calculations from the energy audits if required.
  • Complete supply of the inverters and energy efficient motors required at attractive discounts.
  • Full installation and commissioning service where the energy saving audit identifies cost savings.
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Energy Saving Services

Energy Saving Services

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